• What should I pay attention to when installing waterproof sockets in the kitchen?

    The kitchen is a very special area. Because cooking will produce a lot of fumes, and there will be a lot of water stains when washing vegetables and dishes, so the kitchen environment can be said to be relatively harsh. In this environment, the installation of kitchen sockets requires more attent...
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  • Introduction of Industrial Plug and Socket

    Introduction of Industrial Plug and Socket

    The most important cause of the electrical fire is the quality problem of plug and socket.  The quality problems of small plug sockets and connectors will pose a serious hazard to the personal and property safety of consumers. For industrial plugs and sockets, there are ...
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  • Factory relocation notice

    Factory relocation notice

    Dear customers&suppliers, Thanks for your always support for our company, so that we can stead progressing and developing. In order to satisfy market demand, our company decided to enlarge our production scale. Since May 1st,2019, the production plant has been relocated to No. 199, Weiwu Road...
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