Introduction of Industrial Plug and Socket

The most important cause of the electrical fire is the quality problem of plug and socket. 
The quality problems of small plug sockets and connectors will pose a serious hazard to the personal and property safety of consumers.
For industrial plugs and sockets, there are higher safety requirements. Next, I will introduce the industrial plugs and sockets for you.
Industrial plug and socket are also called waterproof plug and socket, CEE form sockets and European-standard plug socket.
Because of its waterproof and dust-proof function, it has been widely used in the field of industrial power distribution. The main function is the power connection and input-output use.
Material and Characteristics of Industrial Plug

Case: The case of waterproof plug and socket is made of imported high-quality fire-proof nylon, which can withstand the temperature from - 40℃ to 120℃ under normal use.
In the Fire Retardation testing (hot wire at 850℃), there is no visible flame, no continuous glow, the paper roll does not fire, and the flame extinguishes within 30 seconds after the hot wire is removed. It can be used almost everywhere all over the world.
In some countries and regions, only PP(polypropylene) is used as the raw material of waterproof plug and socket.
Compared with fire-resistant nylon, the price of PP will be much lower, but the corresponding high-temperature and low-temperature resistance also will be worse.
So the PP industrial plugs and sockets generally are 16A -63A, can not achieve 125A or more.
Meanwhile, the PP plug and socket can not meet the requirements of fire resistance. If there are safety problems, the probability of fire will be greatly increased.
Due to low-temperature resistance, PP industrial plugs can not be used outdoors in high latitudes.

So the material of the plug and socket case determines the quality of the product and the scene and area where they used.
Brass pin: the Brass pins are another component that has a significant impact on the quality of industrial plug and socket. It is also the most important component that we need to pay attention to when we choose products.
Good quality brass pins should have good plugging function and anti-corrosion function. Both over-current and voltage withstand should meet the international requirements of IEC60309.
For industrial plug and socket, if the brass pins and sockets cut corners, the most influenced will be the plug and socket pull-out force and heat dissipation after electrification.
If the contact surface is too small, the insertion force will be weakened, and the temperature of the same current will rise. At the same time, the smaller the conductor, the worse the heat dissipation will be, and eventually, it will burn out easily, which will lead to safety problems.
From this, we can make sure the brass pin is the most important part of industrial plugs and sockets, which directly affects the quality of products.

This text briefly introduces the industrial plug and the two most important parts of the industrial plug. In future articles, we will continue to introduce how to choose the right product for ourselves and how to distinguish the quality of the product.

Post time: Nov-12-2019