What should I pay attention to when installing waterproof sockets in the kitchen?

The kitchen is a very special area. Because cooking will produce a lot of fumes, and there will be a lot of water stains when washing vegetables and dishes, so the kitchen environment can be said to be relatively harsh. In this environment, the installation of kitchen sockets requires more attention. Whether it is the number and location, it is worth scrutinizing and thinking. Let’s listen to the analysis of the master, and don’t make a mistake.

1. Location layout of kitchen sockets

Since there are more kitchen appliances now, we need to prepare more socket locations to avoid the trouble of insufficient sockets in the future. Do not use the power strip by yourself, it is very dangerous in kitchen operation. The installation of sockets has a lot to do with the wiring of the kitchen. It is necessary to design the quantity and location in advance before decoration. For example, the commonly used consoles, counters and other locations cannot be ignored. It is important to note that the socket must be kept as far away as possible from areas such as high-temperature stoves and wet sinks, which all have a certain risk factor.

2. Material selection for kitchen sockets

The sockets in the kitchen must be selected with high quality, especially with fire-proof and heat-resistant functions, because the kitchen often cooks and cleans tableware at high temperature. Risk of fire.

3. Choose to install waterproof socket

Some sockets with protective covers or switches can be installed to prevent water from splashing into the sockets and triggering safety hazards. Nowadays, with the development of technology, there are already some kitchen-specific sockets on the market, such as sockets with revolving protective doors. If the plug is usually unplugged, the automatic revolving door of the socket will be closed to prevent the invasion of daily oil and moisture. Moreover, the socket will be controlled by an independent switch when in use. After the electrical appliance is used, just turn off the switch. There is no need to manually pull the plug, which avoids the danger of pulling the plug with wet hands.

4. It is not recommended to install rail sockets

Nowadays, there is a kind of rail socket in the kitchen that seems to be popular in price, but it is not recommended for use, because this design is to install all sockets on the same rail, although it is very convenient to move, but if you often move the socket arbitrarily, it will Touching the line in the track will easily cause pulling damage to the line for a long time, which greatly reduces the service life of the internal line, so it is also very impractical.

Post time: Feb-17-2022